About Modern Metal

Modern Metal provides custom, high-end, metal fabrication services to satisfy the architectural metal and ornamental metal fabrication and installation needs of both the residential and commercial industry as well as interior and exterior design. We offer a wide variety of custom metal fabrication and installation services designed to provide you with a “one- stop- shop” for your needs. Modern Metal caters to the highest- end applications, utilizing demanding fabrication materials including stainless steel, brass/bronze, aluminum, architectural steel and glass including shearing, forming, welding, grinding, polishing, painting and laser cutting for virtually any fabrication application. We design and build custom Balcony Railings, RV Gates, Metals with Glass Gates, Stair Railings, Cable Railings, Metal with Wood Gates, Industrial Guards, and much more.

As a leader in innovation, Modern Metal can achieve designs to meet new applications or replicate any historical style in a variety of style. Modern Metals has a reputation for its high quality products. Creating custom one of a kind metal fabrication for each of our clients.

We pride ourselves on our ability to attain the highest customer satisfaction possible with our exceptional project management, phenomenal attention to detail, superior quality products and community-building partnerships with the people we serve. We provide the service we promise, on schedule and within budget. We aim to exceed the expectations of each one of our clients, We help your dreams come true.

Modern Metal

Riverside, California
Office Phone: 909-471-2187