We design and build custom Balcony Railings, RV Gates, Metals with Glass Gates, Stair Railings, Cable Railings, Metal with Wood Gates, Industrial Guards and much more ! Based in Southern California, we are a family-owned and -operated business. With many years of metal railing fabrication experience.

Because all our iron is hand-forged by experienced craftsmen, we can create any classic, rustic, or modern iron railing design. We can work with ornamental or wrought iron in any gauge/thickness; paint it any color; apply a flat, satin, gloss, or semi-gloss finish; and metalize it for added protection against rust. We can also combine our ironwork with glass or wood, such as when we install a wooden handrail with iron pickets, or install iron handrails and frames with glass side panels. If a client wants to update the look of their staircase or balcony while keeping their costs low, we’ll keep the existing handrail but retrofit it with all new, custom-made iron pickets.

To ensure a better-made metal fabrication product, our expert fabricators work with high-quality quality metal. We also encourage metalization for optimal protection against rust. While our methods are meticulous, we always finish each job well within the time frame promised. To verify the quality of our work, we provide frequent updates, send photos and videos of our work progress, and invite our clients to visit the shop.

We pride ourselves on our ability to attain the highest customer satisfaction possible with our exceptional project management, phenomenal attention to detail, superior quality products and community-building partnerships with the people we serve. We provide the service we promise, on schedule and within budget. We aim to exceed the expectations of each one of our clients, We help your dreams come true.

Modern Metal

Riverside, California
Office Phone: 909-471-2187